Azul Cactus Silk Rug

Azul Cactus Silk Rug


100% cactus silk with cotton warp

approx 4.5 x 3 feet

Cactus silk is harvested from the Saharan aloe vera cactus and used for weaving fabrics known for their metallic sheen and vibrant colors. It is vegan (cruelty-free) silk. Azul in the Berber language (Amazigh) is 'hello,' and it is also 'blue' in Spanish. Due to Spain's colonial presence there as late as the 1950's it is common for people to speak some Spanish in the northern parts of Morocco where we found this rug.

  • This object comes from the Artisan Ensemble in Chefchaouen, Morocco. 

    Many cities in Morocco have a government-sponsored ‘Ensemble Artisanal’ established to gather diverse master crafters under one roof and provide them with a direct market, resulting in higher wages and better working conditions. 

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