Vintage Saffron Wool Rug Large

Vintage Saffron Wool Rug Large


100% sheep wool with cotton warp

approx 5x7 feet

This vintage Akhnif rug was happily found in the mountains of Chefchaouen. The textile has a specific lighter variation running through the center, adding to its unique character. Moroccans accept that colors fade over time and assign higher esteem to these changes. Traditionally motifs and colors are ways of communicating messages that reflect the weaver's tribe.

This is a great-sized rug appropriate in any room for both function and conversation. Historically, Amazigh (Berber) people used "rugs" as a cloak, blanket, or bedcover to keep warm in the cold mountains. I challenge you to use it how you wish.

  • This rug comes from the Artisan Ensemble in Chefchaouen, Morocco, or The Blue Pearl," known for its varying hues of blue-washed buildings winding up and through the medina.

    Many cities in Morocco have a government-sponsored ‘Ensemble Artisanale’ established to gather diverse master crafters under one roof and provide them with a direct market, resulting in higher wages and better working conditions.
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