Vintage Hand-Knit Wool Sweater

Vintage Hand-Knit Wool Sweater


100% wool 

size large/ free size

As part of our mission at FOLK, upon finding particularly interesting well-made/great condition vintage objects that we thrift, we will be sharing them in the FOUND section of the shop. 

This rescued sweater was hand-made by an unknown expert knitter who juggled multiple colors, complex patterns, and varied stitches with incredible uniformity and attention to detail. The yarn is thick, the openings are sturdy, the fit is comfortable, and when wearing this sweater you feel its special, wholesome individuality.

As a whole, it's a wearable work of art and toasty warm! A free size sweater for anyone, as featured in the pictures. (we are not twins)

  • hand wash in cold water, unless you want to felt it!
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