Vintage Bedouin Marriage Carpet (Two Sided)

Vintage Bedouin Marriage Carpet (Two Sided)


100% sheep wool with cotton warp

10 feet 5 inches x 5 feet 10 inches

The spirit of Berber women is reflected in the design of this hand-knotted carpet. The motifs tell the story of the traditional marriage ceremony. The man places his candle in the fire and if the woman accepts then she places her candle in the fire as well. Upon close inspection you can see human figures and the bonfire that is represented by the black geometric outline.

This vintage treasure is most likely Boujad, from a region between the Atlantic and Middle Atlas Mountains called Haouz. These shaggy pile rugs are woven by women using Berber motifs referencing marriage, spiritual beliefs, and fertility. Along with tribal symbols, messages are also told with color in Moroccan rugs, and red in all forms is a reflection of the deep red of the earth.

Like most high pile carpets, this one is practical to use as a double-sided object. In winter the shaggy side may be more appealing, where summer gives you an opportunity to use the flatwoven side and an alternate image. Like two carpets in one, rotating from front to back with the seasons also extends the life of the rug.

  • This object comes from an association in Fez, Morocco that benefits widowed and divorced women and promotes traditional weaving. 
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