Tiny Tajine Pots

Tiny Tajine Pots

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Ceramic with cobalt

approx 2.5"W x 2.5"H

This minature tajine makes for a darling little spice box and a curiosity in any display.

A timeless symbol of Morocco, the tajine is a traditional clay cooking pot designed to contain enough heat to bake dishes on of top a charcoal brazier. The word "tajine" applies both to the vessel and the dish cooked in it, which is usually meat and vegetables steamed in a broth and eaten with bread. Saha!

In Moroccan ceramics, blue and white are the signature colors of Fez. 

These ceramic boxes are handmade and hand-painted with traditional Berber designs in cobalt blue by skilled young students at an artisan school in Fez.

Hand wash.

  • These ceramics come from Le Centre de Formation et de Qualification dans les Métiers de l’ Artisanat (CFQMA) à Fès.

    The king of Morocco sponsored this new government institution in Fez as a vocational training center for traditional handicrafts. Visitors are welcome to watch young adult students at work learning a trade and to support the school by purchasing crafts directly from the workshop.

    We loved buying from the CFQMA because it represents our interests in preserving and continuing the beauty of handmade functional art in Moroccan culture, and because it was fun to observe and interact with the friendly students and staff. 
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