Antique Four Tribes Kilim

Antique Four Tribes Kilim


100% wool, with cactus silk and cotton detail

9 feet x 5 feet

This elegant kilim-style rug is an elaborate display of authentic Berber flatweaving. Warp and weft of dyed wool sets the stage for meticulous motifs in white cactus silk and cotton.

The slow fade of color from end to end adds new perspective to this rug's beauty. One day it was a new creation of a weaver, fresh and bright. After many years in a former home, now it has become a collaboration between the original artist, the passing of time, and the hot North African sun. The maturation of the colors seem to add wisdom to this rug, like a stately matriarch aging with grace.

At Moroccan shops this type of vintage kilim is often seen in recycled rug products like kilim boots or leather bags, so we were excited to find this large carpet in glorious completion, not to mention great condition.

The four tribes that contributed to this rug include Berber, nomadic, Tuareg, and Jewish tribes.

  • This rug comes from an Artisanal Association for Divorced Women in Fez, Morocco that benefits widows and divorcees and promotes traditional weaving practices. 

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