Henna Cactus Silk Rug or Tapestry

Henna Cactus Silk Rug or Tapestry


100% cactus silk

approx 3x5 feet

This henna colored rug is handwoven by women and features motifs that traditionally were communication tools reflecting messages specific to the makers tribe. 

Cactus silk is harvested from the Sahara aloe vera cactus and used for weaving fabrics known for their metallic sheen and vibrant colors. It is vegan (cruelty-free) silk.

This style rug is also great as a throw, table cover, couch cover, bed cover or tapestry. I recommend if placing on the floor to use a non-slip foam pad to add extra cushion to your feet, protect the rug, and to keep from slipping around the floor when walking.

  • This rug comes from an association in Fez, Morocco that benefits widowed and divorced women and promotes traditional weaving.




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