Cactus Silk Rug, Vintage Rust

Cactus Silk Rug, Vintage Rust


100% cactus silk with cotton warp

58.5 x 35 inches

Cactus silk, also known as sabra silk, is a fine fiber harvested from the Saharan aloe vera cactus and used for weaving fabrics known for their metallic sheen and vibrant colors. It is vegan and cruelty-free silk.

I was drawn to this rug not only for its appearance, but because traditionally women would color fibers with natural dyes. Nowadays, unless something is antique or vintage it is most likely dyed with chemicals bought at the market. As told by Mohammad, the storekeeper,  this one is most likely dyed with henna.

  • This object comes from Chefchaouen, Morocco from an independent shop that sells antique goods and crafts collected from all over Morocco.
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