Cactus Silk Berber Rug, White

Cactus Silk Berber Rug, White


100% cactus silk with cotton warp

40 x 21 inches

The motifs displayed in this small flatwoven rug tell a weaver's tale. The images she chooses for her own reasons inspire new narratives in the eye of the viewer, creating interactive works of imaginations. 

A rectangular shape with extending lines in the center of some rugs represents the nomad's tent - a traveling home for shepherds or traders. Some others we have identified are symbolic of different plants and animals associated with protection, fertility, and medicine.

Cactus silk, also known as sabra silk, is a fine fiber harvested from the Saharan aloe vera cactus and used for weaving fabrics known for their metallic sheen and vibrant colors. It is vegan and cruelty-free silk.

This style of rug works great as a throw, table cover, couch cover, bed cover, or tapestry.

  • This object comes from an Artisanal Association for Divorced Women in Fez, Morocco that benefits widows and divorcees and promotes traditional weaving practices. 
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