Black and White and Red All Over (2 sided)

Black and White and Red All Over (2 sided)


100% sheep wool with cotton warp

7 feet 5 inches (plus 8 inch braided tassels) x 3 feet 10 inches

In the flesh these mesmerizing sunbursts seem scattered like stars, or spots on a Dalmation. Take a few steps back and the carpet reveals a network of shapes intricately arranged in nested zigzags. It's a fractal design - diamonds made of diamonds - diamonds forever.  

A true masterpiece rug from a Beni Ourain tribe that follows Judaism, this lush vintage carpet is in incredible condition. The colors remain bold and the shag is light and fluffy. 

Like many knotted carpets, this one can be used with either side up. The pile side is intended for winter use while the flat side is for summer. This versatility parallels the rugs historic use as winter cloaks; when it snowed in the mountains the shag was turned to the outside.

With the flatweave face up, the black and white patterns fade into the background and the subtle orange border trim takes on more prominence. The pile knots provide built-in padding in this mode. Rotating your carpet can prolong its life and provide seasonal variation to yours. 

Red, in varying hues, is traditionally a dominant color in Moroccan rugs reflecting the deep red of the earth in the Atlas Mountains, but it is rare to see so much color in the Beni Ourain style.

In other aspects this carpet has classic traits of the Beni Ourain tribe. The black and white lozenge design and repetitive pattern exemplify their tasteful restraint. The weaver has also included a few rows of weft between the pile knots to allow for softer texture and breathability. 

During the heyday of shag carpeting, this minimalist look was a favorite of mid-century modern designers such as Frank Loyd Wright and Le Corbusier and we have also recognized many of these rugs in the home decor photos of current magazines. The colorful variations, however, are far scarcer.

  • This object comes from an association in Fez, Morocco that benefits widowed and divorced women and promotes traditional weaving.

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