Beni Ourain Evil Eye Wool Bedcover, Rust

Beni Ourain Evil Eye Wool Bedcover, Rust


100% sheep wool with cotton warp

8.5 x 6 feet

The eye-catching centerpiece motifs of these two rust-colored blankets are each a variation of the "Evil Eye." This protective symbol is intended to ward off the effects of a curse caused by a malevolent glance and is a common belief in many world cultures. Representations of the Evil Eye are especially abundant in Mediterranean regions and come in unending styles. 

These extra-warm handwoven wool blankets are large enough for any kind of cuddle, whether it be at the beach, around the fireplace or a campfire. They also make beautiful bedcovers. The minimalist rust and black design features unique Berber motifs similar to those found in Beni Ourain rugs.

A close look reveals that the yarn in these blankets contains a range of subtle colors that contribute to the beauty and texture occurring naturally in the handmade process.

Each blanket has a different centerpiece motif so choose the one that you like below.

  • This object comes from an association in Fez, Morocco that benefits widowed and divorced women and promotes traditional weaving arts. 
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