Mossy Green Circle Kirby Scarf

Mossy Green Circle Kirby Scarf


100% wool

9.5 inches wide x 24 inch circumference

The circular shape of this mossy green scarf is versatile in function. It is practical in warmth with no worries about loose ends as you walk briskly outside to catch the subway or up a mountain trail. Can be worn however your imagination wishes: it's wide enough to wear as a toboggan, can be tucked short around your neck, or stretched tall over your mouth and nose when it's particularly gusty outside.

Unlike some wool, this scarf is super soft to the touch even on sensitive areas like the face.

A classic color and style, not to mention the durability of wool, this item will have a life much longer than just one season.

  • This item was hand-knit by Kirby Taylor using seed and rib stitches.
  • hand wash in cold water
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