Leather Clutch Purse

Leather Clutch Purse

from 24.00

100% leather

9.5 x 5 inches

Hand-worked stamped leather is combined with modern design and sewing machine stitching to produce a purse that has one foot in the old world and one in the new. This clutch shows an adaptation in the workshops of Fez which is a part of the evolving nature of art in relationship with technology and markets.

The result is a high-quality object that looks great and feels good in your hand. With three compartments and a strap, it's functionality is undeniable as well.

  • outside clasp closure
  • outside zip pocket 
  • fabric-lined interior
  • padded walls
  • inside zip pocket
  • inside open pocket
  • optional leather wrist strap

This item comes from a small leather shop in the ancient medina of Fez, Morocco where the oldest tanneries in the world are still producing quality leather goods using traditional techniques. 

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