Leather Boxes

Leather Boxes


100% leather

3.5 x 2.5 x 1 inches

Although originally meant to function as decorative holders for cigarette cartons, these cases are a good size for many other items - bank cards, business cards, lipstick, etc. - with the added benefit of fitting comfortably in your pocket. 

They were made by old masters of the craft, a few men who are the last remaining members of their cooperative. They welcomed us into their workshop and were happy to show us photos from their past and qualifications obtained in France and Japan.

One day that we visited, Mohammed was assembling these boxes from cut leather, and another day he was dying leather in preparation. The workshop developed its own stamp to emboss some boxes with the word "Tetouan" - the name of their city and one of our favorite places in Morocco.

  • This product originates from the Alikhlas leather-working cooperative located in the Artisan Ensemble of Tetouan, Morocco.

    Many cities in Morocco have a government-sponsored ‘Ensemble Artisanal’ established to gather diverse master crafters under one roof and provide them with a direct market, resulting in higher wages and better working conditions. 
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