Large Glaoui Two Seasons Rug

Large Glaoui Two Seasons Rug


100% sheep wool with cotton warp

7 feet x 3.5 feet 

A truly impressive work of artistry from the Glaoui tribe, this large reversible rug contains alternating complementary blocks of design, effectively making it six rugs in one! Sometimes these "multi-rugs" are collaborative projects, with several different weavers contributing a design block of their own specialty, even across tribes. This is indeed an inspiring message celebrating unity and diversity, creativity and generousity.

This stunning carpet is designed to be used on both sides; the fluffy, colorful side is warm for the winter and the flat, golden back is cool for summer. The dual use provides visual variety and extends the life of the rug but demands greater skill from the weaver as there is nowhere to hide loose ends. 

Glaoui refers to the Glaoua warrior tribe from the High Atlas Mountains, whose history includes many interesting tales of bloody battles, betrayal, and riches gained and lost. Typical of this tribe’s taste, our Glaoui knotted carpets are intricately decorated and contain varied, earthy colors. 

The Glaoui carpets are perhaps the highest-quality items in our current collection, both due to the incredibly imaginative design and the expertise required to weave them. 

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  • This object comes from an association in Fez, Morocco that benefits widowed and divorced women and promotes traditional weaving. 

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