Vintage Cactus Silk Rug, Blue Stripes

Vintage Cactus Silk Rug, Blue Stripes


100% cactus silk with cotton warp

approx 5 feet x 3 feet

This vintage cactus silk rug is faded like your favorite pair of jeans! The sturdy materials support the change from indigo to old denim while remaining in great condition.

The design of horizontal bars and simple geometric motifs is reminiscent of textile patterns from the American southwest. The mechanics of weaving by hand encourage these decorative similarities and speak to the universality of the ancient arts.

Cactus silk, also known as sabra silk, is a fine fiber harvested from the Saharan aloe vera cactus and used for weaving fabrics known for their metallic sheen and vibrant colors. It is vegan and cruelty-free silk.

  • This object comes from an Artisanal Association for Divorced Women in Fez, Morocco that benefits widows and divorcees and promotes traditional weaving practices. 

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