2017 Retrospect: North African Sunset Dinner Party

We're just getting around to posting these pictures from the North African Sunset Dinner Party and FOLK Pop-Up Shop that we co-hosted with Tarik and Allison Becha and Good Golly Tamale in the summer of 2017. The dinner was a blast to put together and culminated in a wonderful evening. Thanks to everyone to attended and helped out that day!

My personal highlights were market shopping with Chef Tarik on Saturday and chatting with guests on Sunday evening.

Scroll through the slideshow to see some great shots of the guests, hosts, food, and event space, taken by photographer Jack Parker. 

Below is an account of the official menu, which Chef Tarik Becha executed nearly single-handedly with his usual grace and good nature. The food was generous and excellent - a real feast of dishes from his Algerian homeland and nearby regions!

~ Menu ~


Algerian Chorba - Vegetable soup with cracked wheat
Moroccan Salad - Cucumber, tomato, and olive with lemon olive oil dressing
Tunisian Brik - Fried filo pastry filled with potato, olives, and herbs
Algerian Dersa - Eggplant and pepper salsa with home-baked semolina bread

Main Course

Algerian Steamed Couscous with
Spiced Lamb, local and free-range,
Tajine-style Vegetables in sauce


Knafeh - Shredded filo pastry with pistachios, almonds, and honey
Seasonal Fruit Salad - Watermelon, grapes, and herbs


Summertime Cocktail - Cucumber-mint infused vodka with Moroccan spiced syrup and lemon
Moroccan Mint Tea - Gunpowder green tea with fresh mint and sugar