We are Kirby and Will, Tennessee natives.

After traveling diverse parts of the world for most of the past 5 years we have fallen in love with textiles and artisanal, handmade objects. We decided that sharing these curiosities is a great way to establish relationships with other cultures from a new perspective.  While traveling, we often noticed a gap between skilled artisans in traditional cultures and modern peoples' desire for quality products.  This store is our venue to help provide a solution to this trajectory.

Often when we find or commission items we marvel at the workmanship, skill of hands, and unique character. These human qualities allow me to remember where we place value and this deserves to be shared.

In starting this project we were working with makers and collecting items to sell online with the humble intention that Kirby too can learn some of these traditional skills.

She has since taught herself weaving on various looms, some homemade by Will, and has been creating her own original pieces inspired by memories of place and travel.

We are currently on the road again in Europe, looking and learning, and would love to hear from you.


Tintype by  Emily Brewer

Tintype by Emily Brewer